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Top Hand Operated Can Opener

OXO Steel Can Opener

The OXO SteeL Can Opener is a kitchen essential. Stainless steel blades make it durable, and the large, soft turning knob is easy to manage. Big handles feature non-slip grips and give you extra strength to pierce a can, and the oversized knob turns easily.

Customer Reviews
  • “This is a very good can opener, it is easy to use and the handle is very comfortable in your hand.” – Jetty Christian
  • “It’s good, if you want a manual can opener that works, buy this one.” – James Rutherford
  • “The blade is super sharp, it cuts through cans like butter.” – KLN

Made in USA Can Opener (Black)
Made in USA Can Opener

This opener entered the marketplace in 1954. It was originally sold by the Swing A Way company. Some of these openers are still working 40 years on.

Customer Reviews
  • “This product is very high quality, opens cans very easy and looks very well.” – David Katamadze
  • “Update six months later – the can opener is still working.” – Margaret Agard
  • “If you need a can opener, buy this one!” – Lillyfan

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

OXO’s Can Openers – Open Sesame! The first Can Opener was introduced in 1855, and its rudimentary lever design was basically a variation on a knife.

Customer Reviews
  • “I like that it cuts in a way that leaves no sharp edges on the lid or the can.” – xlcheng
  • “It’s so easy to use and works great.” – Reb
  • “At some point it started getting sticky and not opening cans all the way (it wouldn’t cut the last bit of the lid).” – Dan W.

Swing Away Wall Can Opener

Swing-A-Way Wall Can Opener with Magnetic Lid-Lifter

Customer Reviews
  • “This is easy to install and works great!” – D. Hughes
  • “I agree that this is the best can opener in the world.” – J. D. Weinrich
  • “In essence, we use this wall mounted model in much the same way that a bank uses pens with chains attached.” – Heather L. Parisi

Metro Fulfillment House SK08 1-Touch Can Opener
Metro Fulfillment House

With the new and improved One Touch can opener by Kitchencc opening a can has never been easier. Simply place the One Touch can opener on top of the can, push a button and watch the can’s lid be removed simply and effortlessly with no sharp edges.

Customer Reviews
  • “Works great, very easy to use.” – Mary Long
  • “I like this one so well, I’ve returned the other and ordered a second one of these for myself.” – C. G. King
  • “I barely have to do anything other than place it on a can and it starts working automatically, with minimal hand involvement at all.” – catmom

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