Manual Can Openers

Good news, you can find an inexpensive manual can openers from all the top brands.

Whatever your requests, you can be satisfied here. There are various manual can openers of any designs, so you can always find one you like.

But, do not worry. I come here with a list of the top rated manual can openers ranked by users. You can take a look at it and choose one. Good luck.

Best Manual Can Openers Ratings

Hamilton Beach 76606Z Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black and Chrome
Hamilton Beach

Deluxe can opener opens all can types- including pop-tops with the side cutting action that lifts the can top off and leaves a smooth edge . Large ergonomic lever is easy to operate.

Consumer Reports
  • “It leaves a clean cut on the can and lid, no sharp edges at all.” – Kiriakos Georgiades
  • “This opener works well, and is very easy to operate.” – Jennifer Thomas
  • “The opener grabs the can securely and cuts the can open by only pushing the top lever down and only releases the can when the lever is lifted.” – LORRAINE LAMARR

OXO Steel Can Opener

The OXO SteeL Can Opener is a kitchen essential. Stainless steel blades make it durable, and the large, soft turning knob is easy to manage. Big handles feature non-slip grips and give you extra strength to pierce a can, and the oversized knob turns easily.

Consumer Reports
  • “This is a very good can opener, it is easy to use and the handle is very comfortable in your hand.” – Jetty Christian
  • “It’s good, if you want a manual can opener that works, buy this one.” – James Rutherford
  • “The blade is super sharp, it cuts through cans like butter.” – KLN

Made in USA Can Opener (Black)
Made in USA Can Opener

This opener entered the marketplace in 1954. It was originally sold by the Swing A Way company. Some of these openers are still working 40 years on.

Consumer Reports
  • “This product is very high quality, opens cans very easy and looks very well.” – David Katamadze
  • “Update six months later – the can opener is still working.” – Margaret Agard
  • “If you need a can opener, buy this one!” – Lillyfan

EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener with Black Grips

The EZ-DUZ-IT deluxe hand-held, gear driven can opener is a heavy duty swing design can opener. It is made of heavy gauge steel and features chrome plated carbon steel handles and crank with a hardened and sharped carbon steel cutter.

Consumer Reports
  • “I am very pleased with this can opener, it is well made and is easy to use.” – C.M.
  • “Best can opener I have ever used/owned.” – Physician Assistant – S
  • “I have gone through so many can openers in the last year.” – Vegas Chapel

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

OXO’s Can Openers – Open Sesame! The first Can Opener was introduced in 1855, and its rudimentary lever design was basically a variation on a knife.

Consumer Reports
  • “I like that it cuts in a way that leaves no sharp edges on the lid or the can.” – xlcheng
  • “It’s so easy to use and works great.” – Reb
  • “At some point it started getting sticky and not opening cans all the way (it wouldn’t cut the last bit of the lid).” – Dan W.

Zyliss 20362 Lock-n-Lift Manual Can Opener, White

The Zyliss lock-n-lift can opener is ergonomically designed for comfort and maximum efficiency. Opener locks onto can for easy pouring. Magnet with release lever lifts lid and releases it for safe and easy disposal.

Consumer Reports
  • “It seems very well made, feels great in the hand in use, and it’s very easy to turn when opening a can.” – Bron
  • “It grabs onto the can easily and then locks in place until you are through opening the can.” – Molly Schilling
  • “I love the magnet on the end to lift the lid out of the can- no more cuts on my fingertips!” – J. Thom

Black & Decker CO85 Spacemaker Can Opener, White
Black & Decker

Mount this Spacemaker can opener under your cabinets to free up valuable counter space. The power pierce cutter easily opens big and tall cans with hands free operation.

Consumer Reports
  • “Easy to install, works great.” – Suzeyque
  • “This was a replacement for my last spacesaver can opener which lasted over 20 years…..I hope the new one does at least half as well.” – Madam
  • “Next time I’ll go buy a manual can opener.” – Rosie

Amco Swing-A-Way 6090 Easy Crank Can Opener

The swing-a-way easy crank can opener from amco features longer handles and a large turning crank, eliminating stress on your hand whether opening one can or 100.

Consumer Reports
  • “Would recommend for anyone, especailly those with weak hand strength.” – Florence Tyree
  • “I open a lot of big cans and makes it a lot faster job!” – thefinderofthings
  • “You must grip the handles tightly with your left hand while cranking, otherwise they become misaligned, causing the cutting wheel to pop out of the can being opened.” – Bob N

OXO Good Grips Jar Opener

No more running jars under hot water, banging them on the counter or asking someone for help. The OXO Good grips Jar Opener is the perfect tool for easily opening all size jars, from small condiment bottles to large tubs of mayonnaise.

Consumer Reports
  • “OXO Good Grips Jar Opener is the greatest little jar opener.” – MAP
  • “With arthritis and loss of strength in my hands, this great opening jars.” – Cheryl
  • “Thanks for your great service.” – Marvin Herrington

Suggestions of the Best manual can openers

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